Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back from Jbel Toubkal with a new blog

Me on the summit of Toubkal
Originally uploaded by Dr Snooks.
Well, we've just about recovered from our ascent of Jbel Toubkal, and the associated combination of altitude sickness, heatstroke and what I'll politely refer to as "Marrakesh belly". But still, a damn fine time was had by all, and though it was only a week away, it felt more like a month.

I've decided that, to try and keep this blog vaguely on-topic, I should create a separate blog for my inexplicable exploits in search of altitude, so here it is :

Dynamove - "because it's there"

There's only one post in it at the moment, but I'll put all my climbing / mountaineering / trekking thoughts and reports on there and keep this blog for the techie stuff.

In the meantime, if you really want to see more, here's the photoset on Flickr.

I also have a significant announcement to make, but that deserves a separate post all of it's own. ;-)


Mark Drew said...

Dont leave us in suspence like that!!! I mean, you cant just do that!

That mountain looks scary, not even a laptop in sight.. ***brrrr***

Alistair Davidson said...

alright, alright, hang on, it's coming, hold yer horses......oh ye of little patience....

Yeah, the mountain got pretty scary at times. Especially when we realised that we'd taken the wrong route and were on a section that was way too steep and loose, but were too far up it to turn back.

Being away from screens of all kinds for a good week felt fantastic - you should give it a try - on the other hand, it's an islamic state..... so no traditional post-climb pint either. :(