Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Another day, another deployment

Posts have been increasingly thin on the ground recently, due to a couple of things: my discovery of a reasonable lightweight API client for Twitter, but mainly lack of time - which itself is down to two things:
  1. I'm organising my wedding to the ludicrously lovely Lise, and
  2. we've been getting SONAR installed and running at two large corporates recently (who shall remain nameless)

It's a good feeling to have seen a product go right through from initial idea on a post-it note to being installed at a super-huge financial client, and it makes all the work worthwhile when you see people actually using it to do their job. I wish I could talk more about the details, but confidentiality dictates not, sadly.

I've also been meaning to blog about the app I whipped up to manage the football team I organise - being a geek at heart, it's amazing the amount of time and effort I devote to being effectively lazy, and this little Rails app which started out as a quick time-saver ended up being a case study in the power of stupidity as applied to a linear optimisation problem - "given this set of players, each of whom have a set of positions they prefer to play in, what is the best possible line-up ?" I'll get round to blogging about that at some point, honest..

Another little personal project that I started as a tool for myself and then ended up generalising and meaning to add to whenever I get time (chortle) is Cragwag - an RSS aggregator, plus some - aggregating many various climbing-related blogs, an only-just-started map of climbing areas plus B&B's plus parking plus convenient deli's, which I may end up mashing up with weather reports to answer questions like "where should we go climbing this weekend?"

Bleh. So that's why I've ended up micro-blogging rather than macro-blogging these days. I will try to get used to writing in more than 140 characters again soon...