Friday, September 23, 2005

IBM's Ajax for Java Developers

Yet Another Ajax Tutorial? Yes, but it's worth a look because

  1. It's from IBM
  2. It's aimed at Java developers
  3. For me, it strikes just about the right balance between technical detail and larger design issues.

Internet Free Trade Zone in Vanuatu?

The government of the tiny island state of Vanuatu are apparently wise to the possibilities of small autonomous states - they're positioning themselves as an Internet Free Trade Zone. Get this :

"If your web site sells products that can be delivered digitally - information, music, software, or images - why not base your site where you won't have to pay taxes on the profits or sales? Under the new e-Business Act 2000, you can set up a Cybersuite and conduct business from Vanuatu without even setting up a company. "

OK, so this is hardly new news, as Kazaa and WinMX have already chosen to incorporate in Vanuatu, but it's the first it's been drawn to my attention - maybe I'll investigate...