Monday, June 12, 2006

Senior CF Dev needed at Headshift, SE1

Headshift are looking for an experienced, senior-level CF Developer (just in case you hadn't guessed ! ).

Most important attributes are

  • Enthusiasm for social software and some experience of using + interfacing with "standard" social software apps such as blogs (mostly MovableType), wikis (esp. Confluence) and third-party services like Flickr and

  • Good understanding of systems architecture, OOD, development methodologies esp. Fusebox and Mach-II

  • High level of SQL/T-SQL and relational database design - esp. SQL server + MySQL

  • Some project management experience a big plus - you'll be expected to take a project and run with it, and work self-supervised for the most part

  • Some experience of systems configuration and sysadmin on Windows and Linux

  • CSS + XHTML, and a good appreciation of usability and accessibility issues. No FONT tags allowed!

  • Flexibility, pragmatism and an ability to maintain a sense of humour under pressure!

Make no mistake, it's a challenging job - but it can be correspondingly rewarding, working with some of the most dedicated, talented people you'll find, and I guarantee you'll learn something. There are hints of what kind of challenges the job tends to throw up scattered throughout my previous posts on this blog, so if you're interested, have a good read and send your c.v. to

NOTE : NO AGENCIES! Headshift don't like agencies, and won't consider any applications which come through them. No, seriously, they mean it - so I wouldn't bother if you're from an agency. Really!


cybersonic said...

Damn, and there was me only six months into this job. Got a bit of CFEclipse experience. I use Digg all the time and do some Ajax-ey stuff here and there. Also very good at not spotting fellow bloggers in public.

Alistair Davidson said...

"a bit" of CFEclipse experience.... like it :-)

Michael Dinowitz said...

I doubt they're interested in an expert if he can only be there remotly for 90% of the time....

Alistair Davidson said...

'Fraid not, Mike, it's definitely an in-the-office role.

cybersonic said...

Gawd, you mean I would have to go all the way to SE1? Nice offices? do they have Diet Cokes in the fridge?

Alistair Davidson said...

They have Orangina's in the fridge, and a very nice coffee shop just round
the corner full of very nice Polish and French girls serving much better
coffee than Starbucks for much less money.

I'm sure Diet Cokes could be
arranged if you really held out for it....