Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Irrepressible Information

You may have noticed the new big green box in the sidebars linking to IRREPRESSIBLE.INFO - this is part of a campaign against internet censorship from Amnesty International.

The idea is that if you are subject to, or hear about, suppression or censorship of internet-based articles, you can submit the content to them, and they will then syndicate it across all the participants a sentence at a time. That way the submitted article is still available, albeit in a distributed form, and no-one is likely to get shut down for making one sentence available.

It's a novel idea - kind of peer-to-peer publication - and I personally think it's an admirable aim. Remember, censorship comes in many guises and is certainly not just restricted to third-world dictatorships. That's why I'm showing my support, and I humbly suggest that you consider it too.

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