Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Icing On The Cake

Did someone break a mirror or something?

I spent the weekend clearing up after the burglary and running around like a blue-arsed fly, getting locks replaced and notifying the insurance company, getting some alarms and setting them up, trying and failing to get someone to come and replace the back door with its now-gaping-hole-where-the-catflap-used-to-be, and ending up hacking together a temporary repair with two plastic chopping boards and big tube of superglue (I kid you not!), and was finally starting to feel secure in my own home again.

So I made a conscious decision to try and relax on Sunday evening. I put my feet up, had a couple of beers, settled into the sofa for a wind-down in front of the TV followed by an early night, when about nine o' clock the phone rang. It was the tenant from one of Lisa's parents' flats.

"Can you ask him to call us urgently?" she said. "There's been an explosion!"

Lisa's parents own the whole building, and rent out the bottom floor to a restaurant, and the two flats above it to private tenants. We used to live in the first floor flat.

As it happens, the restauranteurs had been having some renovation work done, and there'd been a gas leak in the kitchen.... and on Sunday night, it went BOOM. Quite loudly, apparently. The police were round, and needed to get the landlord's details. One of the tenants in the first floor flat was hurt and had to go to hospital. The guy who'd been doing the renovation work has disappeared back to Morocco, and can't be contacted.

I'd already had a couple of beers, so I couldn't drive anywhere that night. So I dashed round there 7am the next morning to take a look at the first floor flat - the gas had obviously gone up the middle of the wall between the kitchen and bathroom, and when it ignited, it blew out that wall on both sides. The kitchen units were wrecked, and there's damage to the wall and ceiling.

Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something?

At least I've still got my guitars - I feel a country song coming on...!


Fer said...

That is F#@ed up!!.

What did you do on your previous life? I can't imagine imagine this happening to a single person in just one week.

That's some serious voodoo going there.

Alistair Davidson said...

...and just to top it all off nicely, I have three parking tickets to pay at £40 each.

Because although I had renewed my parking permit, it wasn't displayed in my windscreen.