Thursday, August 17, 2006

Who Wants To Buy An Ajax Calendar App?

In a move that's not-at-all-designed-to-create-an-internet-buzz, AJAX calendar app Kiko is for sale on eBay.

Starting price US $49,999.99. No Bids yet.

In the interests of completeness, I should point out that they're not the first, by a long way - which market sector do you think got there first? Of course - porn!.

The listing states

We are selling Kiko because we want to have time to work on other projects as a development team.

...and not because they are now in direct competition with Google, or anything...

best of luck Kiko guys


mike said...

I'm kind of shocked by two things..

for $1500 their "team" (two people?) will fly out and meet with the buyer? They don't value their time very much or maybe they're generous?

Less than 50k visitors per month? That's not much.. but I guess the buyer will integrate this app into a larger site or use it for some other means?

Alistair Davidson said...

Yeah, <50k visitors per month is not really enough for a "3 A's" business plan (Ajax, Adsense and Arrogance) unless you changed the third A into the other alternative - Aquisition.

I guess Google killed their hopes of that when they launched Google Calendar. Bummer..!

Bru said...

sold for $258,100... not bad :)

Alistair Davidson said...

woah - $258k ? That's not a bad price for a business that isn't actually generating any revenue at all... from their eBay listing - "Update (8/18/06): Kiko currently has no advertising revenue"

Congratulations Kiko guys!