Thursday, December 01, 2005

...and the gong goes to...

so, the International Online Information award for Innovation in Knowledge Management 2005 went to ....

.....(drum roll).....

Us! Yay!

Well, to the Knowledge Community which we developed for the National Institute for Mental Health in England anyway. It really was a complete surprise - we were up against a £5m Norwich Union Autonomy project, and the much-talked-about Public Sector Benchmarking Service, which has impressed a lot of influential people.

The ceremony itself was an interesting affair - the mystery celebrity host turned out to be none other than Sir Trevor MacDonald, and of the many awards handed out on the night, notable mentions should go to :Of course, when I call my parents to tell them about this, I can bet the converstion will go something like this:

I won an international award for one of the websites i've been working on!

Did you? Oh that's nice, well done son


...and I shook Trevor MacDonald's hand

Really?!? WOW! You didn't tell me that...!
(shouts off the phone to Auntie Wendy)
Alistair's met Trevor MacDonald!

Auntie Wendy:
Did he? Wow! That's amazing!
(shouts off the phone to cousin Adam) Hey Adam! Alistair's made friends with Trevor MacDonald!

Really? Wow! Hey Dad! Trevor MacDonald is Alistair's best mate!

(etc etc)

...but it made us all feel nicely warm and tingly to have our efforts recognised, and a jolly good celebration was had by all:

  • A Happy Man

  • Cheers!

  • 24hr Party Purdy

  • The Winning Team

  • Livio and Alison


Tunç Şengün said...

well done!! Congratulations.

Alistair Davidson said...

Thankyou very much Tunç!