Tuesday, November 29, 2005

International Information Industry Awards 2005

I've just found out I'm going to be one of the Headshift delegation to the International Information Industry Awards 2005 tomorrow night, as one of the main projects I've been working on over the past (nearly) two years - the NIMHE Knowledge Community - has been shortlisted for the "Innovation in knowledge Management" award.

I haven't been to an awards dinner since University! - and come to think of it, my tuxedo has been standing idle in the wardrobe since the final college ball... I really hope I remembered to clean it before stashing it away - 10 yr old beer stains are not something i want to see right now...ick...

I should mention that although I've been the technical lead on the project pretty much since I joined Headshift, it was already at version 0.9 or so when I picked it up - so kudos to Matt Perdeaux, now of Associative Trails, who kicked it all off in the first place and created such nifty features as the Vector Space Engine, and Andy Birchall, who's been doing the bulk of the recent work for the latest version (2.1.2) while I've been focussed on other things.

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