Monday, January 23, 2012

How many WTFs per language?

Recently I've had to work with PHP an increasing amount. I've not been enjoying it. A few recent IRC conversations also got me thinking - is there an entirely arbitrary but kind of fun (and hey aren't they all arbitrary, really?) metric of programming language FAIL / coder FAILs per-language ?

So on a whim, I decided to invent one: number of entries on The Daily WTF which mention a given language.

Here we go - "web" languages only, numbers correct at time of writing:

Or in chart form:

So what does this prove? Well, nothing - to draw any conclusions at all, we'd have to normalise this for all kinds of factors such as

  • number of coders / lines of code using each language (anyone have a decent set of figures?)
  • average experience level of coder (I'm pretty sure that more beginners use PHP than Perl, for instance)
  • you name it

...but it is kind of fun. Let the flamewar commence continue!

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Tim Cunningham said...

Funny stuff! Thanks.