Thursday, October 02, 2008

Goalkeeper wanted!

It's off-topic, I know, but then I don't get much time to post anything at all right now, so here goes anyway.

Those who know me, know I'm a keen footballer. I play for a team in a midweek 11-a-side league, and we're currently DESPERATE for a goalie.

The matches are all on astroturf, so there's no studs and very few sliding tackles, and they vary in day, location and kick-off time as follows:

Very occasionally, we may have a match on a Wednesday or Thursday night at Market Road or Linford Christie Stadium but these are rare.

The team vary in ages between 20-ish to 40-ish, and there's a similar variance in abilities. No-one is anywhere near Ronaldo standard, put it that way.

If you're interested, email me directly (address is on the right, obscured for spambots) or add a comment at the bottom. We've got our next match on Monday, so don't hang about!


David said...

Besides the geographical barrier - three rotator cuff tears have long since ended my goalkeeping career!

Good luck with the search - a good Keeper makes all the difference.



Alistair Davidson said...

Eek! I'm no stranger to shoulder injuries myself, mine have a nasty habit of popping out of joint at the most unfortunate times (e.g. when I'm asleep on my front, leaning on my elbow, or leaping up for the final hold at the top of an overhanging climb)

nick said...

How many goals you are score?