Friday, January 25, 2008

Don't Mention The War!

Well, in an office containing two Poles, two Germans, two Americans and many Brits, it had to happen sooner or later....

In response to an email about the petition for a Remembrance Day Bank Holiday, one of the Poles in the office said :
Personally I think it's a totally lame idea. People who want to go to Iraq and other remote places to shoot others should get a shrink not a holiday

At which one of the Brits said:
Hang on, what about the people who went to remote places like Poland and shot Germans?

And then the Poles started on about the lack of help they got in the early days of WWII, and just as that was kicking off, in walked one of the German guys.... and then the fun really started ...!

Ah, you can't beat a bit of good-natured dredging up national stereotypes from half a century ago to really get that Friday afternoon feeling into a place - it's still going, this is great, it's better than a movie! Where's the popcorn?


Alistair Davidson said...

And surprisingly enough, the American walked in just when it was all over anyway...

Joe Rinehart said...

Oh, sorry, we'd been busy making all of the armaments, ammo, etc., that you needed. It took us a bit to catch up to demand and then get over there.

(Just kidding and playing devil's advocate.)

Alistair Davidson said...

Joe - of course!

Funnily enough, the American did walk in with coffee and a sandwich for me, so actually, it was even more appropriate