Thursday, June 28, 2007

Anyone fancy a football game TONIGHT? 8pm, Willesden CCA

Due to some last-minute drop-outs, we're two men short for our 11-a-side match tonight, 8pm, at Willesden CCA. We're desperate enough, in fact, for me to test the power of the online social network and the blogosphere blah blah blah.... to the limit by posting this.

We ideally need a right-back, and a goalie, but to be honest we'd settle for any two reasonably competent players in any position, cause we're all fairly flexible.

So, if anyone fancies it, let me know ASAP!

Things to know:

  • We're not exactly stuffed full of Ronaldinhos, but you should at least be able to control and pass a ball, and run around for a full 90 minutes. Or play in goal!
  • It's on astroturf, so there's no studs and very few sliding tackles
  • I can bring spare shorts, shirt, socks, shinpads and a pair of size 11 trainers if needed - obviously it's best if you have your own trainers


K Oyedeji said...

Sorry mate read this late! I could have come and dazzled you all with my great skills (yeh right :) - they call me the chopper on btw!

Alistair Davidson said...

Dammit, you'd have been welcome! A "chopper" was just what we needed, I ended up having to play right-back, and I freely admit I don't know how to defend :-)

We ended up borrowing a couple of sixteen year old local lads who were kicking about on the pitch when we got there.

We lost 7-5 in the end -
Ah well, next time.....