Friday, March 16, 2007

"Will Code For Equity" - sound like anyone you know?

A friend of mine has an old CF/Fusebox site based around moving house, and finding companies to help you do that. She wants to completely revamp it and bring it in to the 2.0 era with user feedback, recommendations and reputations, etc, and she needs a developer.

Trouble is, although her existing site has been supporting her for two years, she doesn't have much money up front for a dev to revamp and relaunch it.

So the deal she's offering is, basically, take charge of the site and get free reign to do whatever you think is a good idea, in return for a decent chunk of equity and a corresponding share of the profits.

I'm not taking on any side work, I've got my hands more than full with Trampoline, but I told her I'd ask around, so if this sounds like anyone you know (and, crucially, you'd be happy to recommend them - she is a friend, after all, and I don't want to see her get ripped off) please give me a shout. Email address is in the "Other Links" section on the right, just under my gurning fizzog**

Sheesh. Coding for equity - does this sound like Bubble 2.0 to anyone else....?

**Translation for non-Northern people: grinning face

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Stu said...

Funny, that reminds me of how I got my first gig as a web developer, posting "Will code for food" messages to various community forums.