Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Web 2.0 / Future Of Web Apps summit tomorrow

I'm off to the "Future Of Web Applications" summit tomorrow (The conference formerly known as the Web 2.0 Summit. Should be an interesting day - I'm particularly looking forward to the talks from Josh Schacter of del.icio.us, and Cal Henderson of Flickr. Well, now you have to say "Cal Henderson of Flickr", but to me (and, I'm sure, to many others) I don't care how good Flickr gets, nothing can ever top creating B3TA.

Any other CF-ers going? Or am I to be laughed at and whispered about by groups of Ruby-on-Rails guys?


Barry Frost said...

Our (Rawnet) ColdFusion development team is heading into London for the day, and we're dragging along our creatives too. It looks like being an excellent day's learning.

We'll say hello if we bump into you in the 500-strong audience!

Matt P said...

C'mon fella - CF and Rails aren't mutually exclusive...;) See you tomorrow.